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Latinx Alliance

Making history


When Camila began her studies at AMDA she realized the Latinx community was the only one not being represented at the school. This is what took her to decide to start getting signs from the Latino community in order to presented an application to the institution to build an alliance for her community. After some months, the school accepted the petition and Camila was finally able to found the Latinx Alliance. The first alliance of Latinos and the first alliance created by a student in the history of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

One objective 

The Latinx Alliance was created with the objective to build a safe an open space where Latinx students, who left their countries to pursue their dreams; can feel at home and have a place of belonging. To honor and embrace the brotherhood between the different countries and celebrate united the Latino ethnicity.

All united raising up one same voice


The Latinx Alliance creates artistic projects to raise the voice of the Latino community in the industry while celebrating their roots, traditions, culture and values. This includes: Hard work, Respect, Commitment, Passion, Perseverance and Resilience. The students also have the freedom and support to talk and discuss about different political, social, economic and cultural issues that Latinx countries suffer.


Camila shares "We are a big FAMILIA, we hold each others back and we work as a team to make social changes and increase the awareness of the Latinx Community in the industry. I wanted to give my brothers and sisters the chance to be seen, to show themselves to the world and represent with proud and love where do we come from".

Artistic Head 

Camila had been running the Latinx Alliance as the President throughout her entire career at AMDA, being chosen every semester as by her peers as their leader. She directed, produced, choreographed and brain stormed all the artistic projects held by the alliance since it started until she graduated. Including two Flash Mobs in Times Square to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month.

An example for many...

Camila is seeing by her community as a role model and as example of fighting to make dreams come true and honor the Latino community. The Latinx Alliance made a huge impact in the AMDA Community by giving Latinx students hope, support, comfort, happiness in challenging times and most importantly inspiration to follow their dreams. Camila proudly says: "I always tell them to fight for their dreams because nobody will do it for them. With the values we stand for, anything can be achieved". Camila hopes her FAMILIA follows the legacy she started and continue representing the Latinx Community.

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