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Chasing Dreams

A place where dreams come true

In March 2022, Camila started her career as a producer. She always knew that she wanted to help other Latinx and Internationals artists to pursue their dreams and fight for what they want. This is how she decided and came along with the idea of creating a company under the name of Chasing Dreams to make one of her dreams come true by helping others as well. 

On March 9th of 2022,Camila made her debut as a producer at Don't Tell Mama Cabaret with a sold out show. Chasing Dreams "a place where dreams come true"

After that, she realized that she wanted to continue doing  cabaret shows but she was feeling something was missing to make it alive. Some months later, on August, a friend of hers, came to her with an idea. She propose Camila to make an ongoing cabaret series together. She knew that Camila has already started producing and saw in her the perfect partner to associate with. Being Camila the producer and her friend the Artistic Director. Camila saw that an amazing opportunity and decided to got for it with her friend, but keep the project under Chasing Dreams. This meant a lot for her in order to continue with the dream company of helping others to chase their dreams. 

On August 17th of 2022, Camila and her friend launched Chasing Dreams The Cabaret Series. The first Cabaret Series only for Latinx and International artists in NYC. The rest it's history...



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